Launching your own organic cosmetics brand

Do you love beauty products and dream of designing your own cosmetics brand? There are a number of essential steps you need to take to make your dream come true: defining the concept, choosing the formulas and ingredients, obtaining organic certification, creating the packaging and visual identity for your product and finally promoting your brand. By contacting, professionals will help you launch your make-up products.

Bewitching eyes

Steps to long, voluminous lashes

Apply mascara correctly

Apply mascara to voluminous, curled, longer, better-defined lashes…

Apply false eyelashes

Brighten up your eyes with these real beauty accessories.

Use an eyelash curler

The choice of eyelash curler depends on the shape of your eyes.

Radiant hair

Colouring for shiny, silky hair

Whether you’re a redhead, blonde, brunette… whatever your hair colour may be, there are hair colourings that will give you the radiant hair you’re looking for. One solution is to choose plant-based hair colouring. This natural method uses the unique properties of certain plants to dye your hair. Chamomile, henna and walnut stain are just a few examples. With permanent hair colouring, you can radically change your hair colour and keep it for several months.

Get discreet colouring with tone-on-tone colouring

Whatever the colour, you need to feel good

Beauty detox

Remedies to deeply purify your skin

Use a cleansing gel

Gel cleansers are usually best applied to oily skins.

Apply a detoxifying mask

Matify your skin by applying a detoxifying clay mask.

Take a steam bath

A steam bath stimulates dilation of the epidermis.

Opt for a facial sauna

Use essential oils in aromatherapy.

Make-up nude

Make-up tutorials for a natural, fresh look

Even out your complexion

By evening out your skintone, you can easily get rid of dead skin cells.

Redraw your eyebrows

Microblading can thicken your eyebrows by reshaping them.

Correct eyelids

Redraw your eyebrows to make them look more straightforward.

Elixir of youth

Anti-ageing secrets for firm, smooth skin

Pollution, ageing, stress and the harmful effects of sunlight all affect the skin's firmness. But there are
a few simple, effective steps you can take to help your skin retain its youthful beauty. By moisturising
your skin, you can protect it from external aggressions. You can also use a gentle scrub to exfoliate
your skin. This treatment removes impurities and dead cells while refining skin texture.

Hyaluronic acid restores your skin's elasticity. Some of the creams will make your face more beautiful.

Use reusable patches to keep your eye accessories looking their best.